Cave Duhlata, from Bulgary Milen Markov win the Sentry Web Award.

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Milen Markov is a passionate photographer who has dedicated his life to capturing the beauty of nature, particularly mountains and caves. He has sought to transform his passion into true works of art, successfully Read more

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From Hungary: Ágnes Berentés win the Sentry Award category Macro with the photo “Colorful bacteria”

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Another trip in the wonders of SFC23’s Hall of fame: Colorful bacteria, by Ágnes Berentés from Hungary, win the Macro category.

Canon 80D and canon 100mm macro lens

Ágnes Berentés began caving in 2013 Read more

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Free shot category, Viktor Lyagunkin and “The last soupper”

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We continue to discover the photos that won the Sentry Award and their authors: in the free shot category, “The Last Supper” by Viktor Lyagunkin from Georgia.

Optimistic (Optimistichna) Cave Dinner in the underground Read more

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Christian Roustan, 1 photo for 2 awards, category Biology and special SSI Environment Objective Sentry Award.

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First of all, a few words on what the “Environment Objective” special Sentry Award by SSI is.

The “Environment Objective” special Sentry Award, established by the Italian Speleological Society from this edition Read more

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Discovering the winners: Cristian Tzecu and Cosmin Nistor, Sentry Award for Title movie category and Best Photo sfc23

Alla scoperta dei vincitori: Cristian Tzecu e Cosmin Nistor, Premio Sentinella categoria Titolo di un film e Migior foto sfc23.

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Now let’s begin a journey of discovery into the photographers and stories that Read more

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I vincitori di SpeleoFotoContest 2023 – The winners of SpeleoFotoContest 2023

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We report the technical jury’s verdict with the results of the competition, scroll for gallery:

The jury, appointed by the SpeleoFotoContest Association in the persons of Natalino Russo (president), Fabrizio Ardito, Giovanna Giuliani, Read more

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